The WELl - Daily Devotion 11/17

Friendship strengthens…


 “David was in the Wilderness … when he saw that Saul had come out to take his life. 16 Then Saul’s son Jonathan came to David in Horesh and encouraged him in his faith in God, saying, “Don’t be afraid…”

1 Samuel 23:15-17a (NIV)


Have you ever been in a season of discouragement, feeling like you’re in an emotional “wilderness”?  This was David’s reality and he was on the run for his life! In His kindness, God sent a dear friend to encourage him.  Another translation says that he “strengthened” him in the Lord.  This is what it means to encourage one another, to literally “pour courage into” another.  


Today, maybe you need that kind of strength and courage?  Ask the Lord to send it your way.  And for us all, may we seek to be this kind of “courage-giver” to others as we remind one another of the reality of God’s presence and the reliability of His promises.  


Kristen Y

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