The WELl - Daily Devotion 11/11

So be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead, even though the going is rough for a while down here. 1 Peter 1:6


We live in the hope of eternal life because of the sacrifice of Jesus. That means we can walk in assurance that all is well because He lives! Because He lives we can face the future with confidence and peace. I know my Savior and He calls me by name just as He does you.


What wonderful joy is ahead of us as we walk daily with the Lord. The future is secured and we will be with the Lord in boundless glory one day.


Pray the following for yourself today:

God, while I am still here give me power and boldness to complete the job You have placed before me. Give me patience and stamina to move forward sowing seeds of faith along the way. Show me when to bend an ear to a hurting soul and listen with mercy and love. Empower me to act in obedience and trust You wherever You lead me. Give me the attitude of a servant’s heart so that I can be Your hands and feet.


Father, for a while it will be rough down here. But, I ‘take heart because You have overcome the world!’ (John 16:33) You have made me glad!


Jill C

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